Managing System User Accounts by Admins

System user account Management By Admin

System users are the in-house persons authorized to manage the activities of the WiFi Hotspot setup. They only operate this utility and is required to login with their username and password to gain access to this utility.  So it is required to create those system user accounts by the Super user of this setup, the Admin user.  Only Admin user(s) are permitted to manage system user accounts.

System user management is activated by clicking the System Users menu option.

System users can be created, edited and deleted by the admin.  He/she can reset their passwords also.

When created all system user accounts will be having a default password of ‘password’, which can be changed by themselves after logging in and through the System Users menu option.

There are 3 levels of System users, viz Admin User, Unit heads and System Users.

There is no limit on the number of users in each level.

Admin level users only can manage other system user’s accounts.  He/She can deactivate/Activate any System user on will.