Managing Hotspot User profiles – By Administrative level System Users

Managing Hotspot User profiles – By Administrative level System Users

When clicked the User Profiles menu option, will present a list of all user profiles available in the hotspot along with a few of its specifications.

Hotspot User Profiles are created and stored in the Hotspot server and is used for managing the guest users’ activities in the hotspot.   Only Admin user(s) and to a certain extend unithead users are also permitted to manage system hotspot user profiles.

Hotspot User Profiles management is activated by clicking the Hotspot User profiles menu option.

Hotspot User Profiles can be created, edited and deleted by the admin level accounts and to a certain level unit head level system users also.

When creating Hotspot User Profiles if not supplied all options those will be defaulted to some safe values, which can be changed later by admin level users.

The options available are the Session Timeout values, MAC Cookie timeout, Keepalive Timeout and Download/Upload Rate limits and the number of concurrent users allowed for this profile.

There is no limit on the number of profiles created in the server.

Admin level users only can manage Hotspot user profiles.  He/She can edit/remove any User profile on will.

To create a new profile,  click the MORE OPTIONS Button of any profile row and click the Add New button after changing the Name of the Profile.  Change the required options as per the choice and save the profile.  The created profiles will be available to the guest user accounts when creating them to select with to control Speed Limit etc.