Easy HotSpot User Manager

Easy HotSpot is a very simple and easy to use WiFi Hotspot user management utility by Team Zetozone.

It can be used with a Mikrotik Hardware Router or a PC installed with Mikrotik RouterOS for managing WiFi hotspots.  It is suitable for hotspots of any size and capacity like small internet caffes to Hotels and Resorts and Educational institutions like Universities, or Giant corporate houses employing 1000’s of simultaneous users in each site.

Why this Utility?

Eventhough the interface provided by mikrotik is very powerful, is not suitable for an ordinary user manager performing only the very basic activities like managing the guest users and profiles with very little effort and in an easily manageable way.  Here comes the Easy HotSpot as an assistant to serve.

Major Features:

Adding Single Guest User Accounts

Adding Multiple Guest User Accounts as a single lot

Listing Active Users

Listing inactive Users

Remove Selected/All User Accounts

Remove all validity expired User Accounts

Server Log of Recent Activities

Removal of uninitiated guest accounts.  Accounts created earlier but no one has started using it yet.

Voucher Management and Printing.  Different Voucher Printing options are available suiting needs of all.

Management of System user Accounts who are in charge of managing the guest user accounts with this utility. 3 levels of System users are there from the Super power Admin to Unit heads and normal users. There is no limit on the number of system users of any level.

Hotspot User Profiles Management:  Creation of User profiles to changing options like Session Timeout, MAC Cookie Timeout, Keepalive Timeout, Download and Upload Speed Limits, Number of simultaneous user logins allowed per user account etc.